He said a lot of things but He’s never done anything for me

A brother from church called me yesterday, telling me that the Lord had put on his heart to go door to door witnessing to the people in his condo complex.  He wanted to get a few other people to come help him and asked if I wanted to come.

Last night’s witnessing had gone so well, and the people were attentive while we spoke to them, that I was very excited to have another chance to do it again so soon.  We met together and prayed and then split up into pairs.  Many people were not home.  Two people shut the door in my face.  And then there was the elderly man watering the grass as he puffed on his pipe.  He had to be in his eighties.  Two of us walked over to talk to him and when he heard the name of Jesus he became very agitated.   He insisted that he had a relationship with the Lord, but when we told him the Bible said Jesus is Lord, he became angry.  “He’s not my Lord. He said a lot of things, but He’s never done anything for me.”  And he walked away.

Jesus is Lord.  This man will one day be convinced of that.  My heart has been breaking for him all day.  I pray that the Holy Spirit will convince him of it before he meets Christ in eternity.

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