Let everything that has breath praise the Lord

My church has a time of prayer before the Sunday morning service.  I have my own little spot where I go to pray.  I like to sit on the floor between two pews so I am hidden away.  Earlier this year during one of these morning prayer sessions, a lady I hadn’t seen before came into the prayer service and came and sat down on the floor right next to me.  She looked at me and smiled with a big smile.  I was a bit shocked because nobody had ever come and sat down on the floor with me.  I didn’t quite know what to say.  She broke the silence with a question – “God doesn’t like it when we sin, does He?”  In the brief interaction that followed I could tell that she had some level of mental disability.  For whatever reason, she latched onto me.   Ever since then she would walk to church in the morning from the nearby apartments and then ask me to bring her home after church.  She didn’t always act “appropriately” in our Sunday School and church service.  Sometimes she said Amen in the wrong place, or ate way too many donuts in the church kitchen before Sunday School.  Things like that.  She’s just a little bit different from the rest of us.

Last Sunday during the altar time after the service was over, I could hear her voice.  It kept getting louder, until you could surely hear it throughout the whole sanctuary.  Over and over she kept saying “Hallelujah!” with deep and loud emotion.  It wasn’t proper in our reserved little church.  I heard her one last time exclaiming “let everything that has breath praise the Lord” and then she collapsed on the floor in tears.

She was the most simple minded among us that morning, and I am convinced the most pleasing to God.

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