And He sent them out two by two

I had previously shared a bit about my experience years ago in street ministry.  I’ve thought about it a lot lately, remembering the joy there was in consistently sharing this wonderful gospel.   Somehow the cares of this life pulled me away from evangelism as a lifestyle.   Why I have been content in this state of affairs, I cannot understand.    But God, in His kindness, has rekindled within my heart the desire to make the gospel of Jesus known.  For several months now I have prayed for God to send a like minded person to partner with me.  And He has!

Tonight I went with my dear friend Michelle to an apartment complex close to our church.   It is terribly hot and humid here in Louisiana, but there were many people outside this afternoon….just waiting to hear the gospel.  So for an hour and a half Michelle and I walked around the complex and shared Christ with several individuals and several groups.  It was amazing to watch as the Spirit of God began to bring conviction of sin.  We felt that the Lord had led us to people who were ready to hear.   As it began to get dark we made our way back to the car, filled with joy.  People heard the gospel tonight.

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