Live After Five Outreach – October 14, 2016

I saw him sitting on the curb reading one of our gospel tracts so I walked over to talk to him. Jerry was an older man who looked like he had lived a rough life. He talked about God in a generic kind of way that I’ve heard far too often. He’s thankful for the good in his life and attributes it to God watching over him. He’s not born again but believes that he is a good person and feels sure that God is satisfied with that. He believes that the Bible is God’s word….that is, until he doesn’t like what it says. By his own admission Jerry is given to regular drunkenness. In his mind, he doesn’t consider it to be a problem to God. When I pointed Jerry to the verses that spoke about drunkenness as a sin, he began to dismiss the Bible as a book written by men. And all because it touched the sin that he loved. As I talked to Jerry about the grace of God through Jesus Christ…about forgiveness of sin and deliverance from its power, he sat on that curb and cried. Yet he was unwilling to part with that one sin. I made sure he understood the consequences of that decision. He thanked me for talking to him and was wiping away another tear as I walked away. Please pray for Jerry to receive the love of the truth and be saved.

Building the kingdom

“Building the kingdom of God must be our primary objective in life, but the underlying motivation must be love for the King. The only way a person can be truly committed to the kingdom of God is to be consumed with love for Christ. If we are driven by a philosophy or an ideology, a desire to make the world a better place or to see a new order established, then our ambition falls into the same category as communism, Marxism, socialism, and all the other “isms”. Seeking the kingdom of God is in a category all by itself because it stems from a fountain deeper than any motive in this world – divine, supernatural love for the King. This love is the foundation and the driving force behind the kingdom that will endure long after all others have crumbled to dust.” Daniel Kolenda