Pour your rain

Ecclesiastes 11:3a If the clouds are full of rain, They empty themselves upon the earth

So many things in creation demonstrate the wisdom of God. The clouds, heavy with rain, release their wet contents on the earth below, providing what is needed for man, animals and plants. The clouds play an important part in the well being of creation. Their emptying is the blessing of us all. When they refuse to release their rain, the earth suffers. Plants die. Crops fail. Wild animals suffer thirst.

Believer, you are a spiritual cloud. Droplets of revelation and blessing are accumulating in your life as you walk with God, making you heavy with the glory of God. If you refuse to release your holy contents, the world suffers.

If you are full, it’s time to empty out. Pour your rain everywhere you go and let God use it for the refreshing of those around you.

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