Watch me

I was listening recently to a message by Don Carson and he shared this story:

When he was a young undergrad at college, along with another boy he started a Bible study in their dorm.  Even though they really didn’t know what they were doing, God blessed it.  There was a graduate student named David in that dorm who was also a believer and very gifted in apologetics.  Don took 2 of the young men from his group to meet with David.  David asked the first guy why he was there.  The guy gave him an answer about how he wanted to study all the various world religions and worldviews and was interested in knowing a bit about Christianity. 

David’s response – Sorry, I don’t have time.  You don’t really want to know Jesus, you’re just playing intellectual games.  I’ve got plenty of books you could read that would give you that information. 

Then he asked the second guy why he was there.  The answer was along these lines – I come from a liberal family.  We go to church, we’re good people, but we don’t believe all this virgin birth, resurrection stuff.  What is it that you think you’ve got that you think we don’t already have?
David’s response – Watch me.
He invited the boy to come live with him and all his time that wasn’t taken up with studies, he would shadow David and observe his life up close.  The boy didn’t take him up on the offer, but apparently he was intrigued and kept making visits to talk to David.  By the end of the semester he was a Christian.
What a bold offer.  Come live with me and watch my life.  Could I be so bold as to make such an offer?  Could you?

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