.6 miles from murder

Yesterday morning at 4:35 AM there was a double murder .6 miles from my house.  I was in my house reading my Bible at 4:35 AM while those 2 souls were crossing into eternity right down the street.  There’s something quite unsettling about knowing this.

2 weeks ago, a 28 year old man jumped (or fell) from the top of the 10 story building that I work in.

All around us, everyone we see is potentially moments away from death.  It is a very sobering thought.  And it certainly underscores the importance of being faithful to share the gospel.

We must work the works of Him who has sent us while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work. (John 9:4)

2 thoughts on “.6 miles from murder

  1. Mike August 15, 2009 / 6:09 pm

    A friend of mine died not too long ago. I kept thinking – now he knows. How do we get people to think about what one day will surely happen? I’ve thought lately of trying to get people to simply imagine that it is true – heaven and hell.

    If you can imagine being in either place, would you not wish you could go back and tell others about it – in either case? Anything to make them think about it.

    I do not try hard enough I know. Good story to make us all more aware of the need.

    I wrote a piece not too long ago that ended up being a little short story. ‘Witness Protection’. I haven’t posted it because of the length. In light of your story, I might.

  2. Nathan September 23, 2009 / 11:44 am

    Hello Mike and Eirene,
    I grew up in a fairly pushy evangelical environment. In the culture of that group “witnessing” and being “about the Lord’s business” were code phrases for a sort of ego driven method of beating up people who weren’t in the group and taking pride in being rude and difficult to anyone who disagreed with the denominational line.
    Here’s an idea, we need to get on our faces before the Lord and listen to what He wants us to do, and when in humility we have heard what our marching orders are. We will reach out to others with His resources and with His preparation of the people we will meet. It is possible that you will help someone in dire straits, you may also as is often the case simply plant a seed. It is His work, if we go about it with His guidance we will see more fruit.
    So unless He tells you to, don’t think up new and startling ways to get people’s attention, that comes frightfully close to tootling your own horn. Approach this from a prayerful and humble attitude, it is Jesus whom we are inviting people to meet, we are not selling club memberships or raffle tickets for a charity.
    We are, in the most unbelievable way possible (that would be through us), through His power and Spirit, introducing people to the most amazing fellow in the universe, who happens to know them and love them in ways which are beyond human comprehension.

    BTW Mike don’t let wordiness stop you, as you can easily see it hasn’t stopped me. If you are off base your readers may pray for you, if you are on target you will do some good. So fire away.


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