Quotes – William Gurnall

Tell some of adding faith to faith, one degree of grace to another, and you shall find they have more mind to join house to house, and lay field to field. Their souls are athirst, ever gaping for more. But of what? Not of Christ or heaven. It is earth. Earth they never think they have enough of, till death comes and stops their mouth with a shovel full, digged out of their own grave.

William Gurnall – The Christian in Complete Armour

Spurgeon on prayer

We must remember that the goal of prayer is the ear of God.  Unless that is gained, the prayer has utterly failed.  The uttering of it may have kindled devotional feeling in our minds, the hearing of it may have comforted and strengthened the hearts of those with whom we have prayed, but if the prayer has not gained the heart of God, it has failed in its essential purpose.