Walking with God

How can one of flesh and blood
One here below, one formed of dirt
Creation with a fallen nature
Weak and frail, a man of earth

Commune with You, Oh heav’nly Maker
Who has hung the stars and sun
Enthroned in glory, mighty Ruler
Who may approach this Holy One

And yet not merely to approach
Is my deepest heart’s desire
But Oh that I might walk with Him
To nothing less do I aspire

In Christ, the enmity removed
His holy blood, my purchase price
Sin forgiv’n, His work complete
Yet there remains this sacrifice

To die to all that I desire
And live to know and do His will
He whose life stays on the altar
May ascend His holy hill

And from that high and holy place
Of fellowship, of heavn’ly bliss
Our eyes now see, our hearts embrace
With minds persuaded, mouths confess

How glorious, this yielded life
Though painful, soul, Oh do not falter
For never shall you live so fully
As when you die upon the altar

One thought on “Walking with God

  1. Richard October 15, 2009 / 11:29 pm

    Wow! That’s good stuff!
    Bless you!

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