Overwhelmed with desperation
All my longing is for Thee
Jesus look upon this heart
And make Your presence real to me

I have no other I can go to
But there’s no other that I need
So when my heart feels so alone
Teach me to only look to Thee

Brothers, sisters You have given
Your blessed body on this earth
But more so than the church of Jesus
I need the Jesus of the church

If I can’t find You in the Word
When prayer and worship seem so dry
And my hearts breaks with longing for You
Will You come and dry my eyes

The ground is watered with my tears
Each one proclaims my love for You
But though I weep my life away
It shall not hinder my pursuit

A raging fire has been ignited
A passion somewhere deep within
I have begun a quest to find You
And reclaim first love again

And so this burning drives me onward
To know You in a deeper way
To have my life transformed into
A place Your glory is displayed

One thought on “Overwhelmed

  1. Joy September 11, 2008 / 11:58 am

    Thank you for this poem. It blessed me.

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