Remember my chains

Tragedy has a way of bringing hidden things to light.  I am thinking primarily of inner things, like attitudes and motives.  It would surely be an exaggeration to categorize hurricane Gustav as a tragedy for me personally, but it was most certainly a terrible inconvenience.   Over the course of the days that followed there was a wide range of emotions that I have dealt with:  sorrow over all the damage that had been done to our city; irritation with all the inconvenience associated with daily life; and sadness because I felt that little concern was shown by people I know in other parts of the country for how I might have been affected by the storm.   This last one has been most troubling to me.

As I have pondered this issue (for it has affected me deeply), I have taken it to the Lord in prayer.  Although it may be a factual issue, I was concerned that my heart was not right in this matter and that offense was beginning to creep in.  So I cried my sorrow out to the Lord and asked Him to adjust my perspective and to help me see this situation as He did.

That night as I was finishing up the book of Colossians, I read these words written by the apostle Paul in the final verse – Remember my chains.  I felt the Lord drawing my attention to that verse, so I stopped and read it again.  Yes, this is what I want.  I want someone to remember my chains.  I have felt forgotten.  Neglected.  Somebody should remember me.

Feeling quite self satisfied, as though this Scripture justified the ugliness that was growing in my heart, I breathed a sigh of relief, certain that God was on my side and that my hurt feelings were warranted.  But so softly and more gently than I deserved at that moment, He spoke to me through that verse – “Whose chains have you remembered?”

I had no defense.  I had no excuse.  Utterly ashamed, I could only cry out “No one’s Lord!”

So, before the world (whoever may be reading this) I confess that there was a plank in my own eye while I was angry about the speck in yours.  And I pray that the Lord will help me to remember the chains of others and forget my own.

2 thoughts on “Remember my chains

  1. melodymilbrandt September 8, 2008 / 6:00 pm

    Oh goodness Eirene. So very good.
    Thank you Lord for reminding us of this today through your faithful servant’s willingness to share.

  2. Scottie September 10, 2008 / 12:42 pm

    “…Somebody should remember me….”

    Oh, I remember you. You’re…you’re… uhm…that woman who….uhm…. Im sorry;who are you again?

    Believe it or not, I kinda struggled with this same issue after the storm. Apparently, lots of people are dealing with this same problem right now. My mother’s neighbors were ( and I kid you not) just talking about how no one from the neighbor hood came to help clean up their yard, but managed to help out my mother with everything. They felt as if no one cared about them at all.

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