Destiny Shaping Question #2 – Have I formed an alliance with fear?

An ally is defined as one that is associated with another as a helper.
I don’t think of fear as a helper.  I have thought of fear in the negative –  as a lack of faith, as not trusting God, but not as a helper.  My brain totally rejects that idea as being illogical and counterproductive. 

But there have been times when situations were beyond my control, with many unknowns and various possible dangers to those I loved.  Knowing that these people did not know Christ and were living in a self destructive and hazardous lifestyle, there was the inevitable fear that something terrible would happen.  Afraid of being caught off guard by tragedy, I would allow myself to be tormented by thoughts of the worst possible outcomes, images of scenario after gruesome scenario being projected upon the screen of my imagination.  Then the unknown becomes the expected.  And fear has helped me expect it.

Fear as a helper.

Trusting God when life is out of control is hard for me.  I am the person who takes charge and makes things happen.  I devise plans and ensure they are executed.  I like to stay informed of what is planned for the future, so I can anticipate how it will affect me.  The unknown is frightening for me.  I cannot make a plan for the unknown.  I can only wait for it to unfold, helpless to direct it.  Fear rushes in to help me cope, but leaves me emotionally drained and spiritually empty.

Tragic things happen everyday to people all over the world.  In our sin laden world it is impossible that our lives would not be touched with moments of grief.  But where I always return is Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”  All things.

Jesus never promised that He would reveal every detail of His plan to me.  He never promised to tell me what tomorrow holds or to explain all the whys.  But He has told me that He is good, that He is faithful, that He loves me and that He will never leave me.

This is the kind of helper I need.

CONCLUSION:  Time to change helpers.

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