The Only True Reformer of Mankind

Political and social reforms labor in vain–because they ignore the fall of Adam and original sin. These are great stubborn facts, which ruin all their calculations. Without acknowledging the reality and consequences of sin–the great problems of human nature can never be solved.

How much we ought to hate sin, and to make the checking of sin the first object in our efforts to do good! How much we ought to long and strive to promote the progress of the Gospel of Christ! This, after all, is the only true reformer of mankind. Just in proportion as men are brought under the influence of the despised old Gospel–will be the increase of peace on earth and goodwill among men.

The more Christ is known and loved, and the more the Bible is read–the more will the inhabitants of the earth love one another. The more grace reigns over hearts and lives–the less hatred and violence will there be in the world. If pure and undefiled religion prevailed everywhere–then such plagues and pests and nuisances as quarreling, robbing, murder, drunkenness, immorality, swindling, gambling, idleness, lying, and cheating would be comparatively unknown. Most of the prisons and workhouses would soon be shut. Lawyers and policemen would have little to do. Taxes would be cut in half.

He is the truest friend to human happiness–who does the most to spread the knowledge of Christ and evangelize the world!

J.C. Ryle

Making light of the Gospel

Several times in the past few years I’ve been invited to various parties designed to provide an opportunity for someone to sell me a product. The invitation promises good food and usually a giveaway of prizes. Free stuff – that’s how to draw a crowd.

Except I’m just not interested. I can think of about ten thousand things I would rather do with my time. Expensive makeup and house wares are not high on my list of priorities. It is not a tempting invitation and I feel quite comfortable disregarding it. I’ve just got better things to do.

This is the attitude of those invited to the king’s wedding banquet in Matthew 22:5

“But they were not concerned and paid no attention [they ignored and made light of the summons, treating it with contempt] and they went away–one to his farm, another to his business” (Amplified)

Imagine getting a personal invitation to a royal wedding! Nothing is expected from you except that you show up and enjoy the festivities and feasting. Then imagine preferring to spend a day at the office or working out in the open field instead. It really is beyond ridiculous.

Unfortunately this is the attitude of many concerning the state of their soul. The invitation has been given in the message of the gospel. All preparations have been made by the all sufficient sacrifice of Christ. But the sinful heart of man prefers its own labors rather than the provision of God.

Let us not be careless with eternal things. Let us not disregard the One who bids us come. It is not a thing to be made light of. All that this world offers will fade into nothingness the moment after our final breath. And then what will all our earthly labors be worth?