The song of God

Did you know that God wrote a song? He put it in the Bible for you to find.  It is the Song of Solomon. Many people have never read this book of the Bible and many of those who have read it, haven’t fully understood it. It is the story of a beautiful romance between a Shulamite woman and King Solomon. But really it’s the story of the romance between Jesus and those who follow Him.

In this book is an invitation to love God and to be loved by Him.  He is revealed not as the harsh taskmaster that many believe He is, but as a lover who delights in your pursuit of Him.

Does it seem unbelievable to you that the holy God could really love you? It’s true. He loves you specifically and personally even though He knows everything about you. So many of us have excluded ourselves from the love of God because we know who we are, and we know what we’ve done, and we don’t like ourselves very much. We believe God doesn’t really like us either and we have shut ourselves out from receiving and enjoying His love.

When Jesus died on the cross He didn’t do it just to make sure heaven would be filled up for eternity.  He did it because He wants you with Him always and that was the only way.  He poured out His blood so that you could know His love as the greatest reality in your life.

Some of you reading this right now have only known of a god whois angry and impatiently waiting for your last breath so he might dispose of you forever.  This is not the God of the Bible.  From the very beginning, His desire was for a relationship of nearness with mankind. When Adam sinned in the garden, God’s first words to him afterwards were not “You’re gonna have to pay for disobeying Me.”  They were “Where are you?”  God was looking for the man.

God is still looking for men and women.  Every day He is at work in the hearts of people all over the earth, drawing them to Himself.  Why?  Does He need them?  No, He loves them and He wants them near.  He wants you near.

You are not excluded by your past or even your present.  Today is the day of salvation…the day that your whole life can be changed by repentance and faith in the blood of Jesus for the forgiveness of sin.  The God who saves you will rush in to fill your heart with His love.

If you are already born again and aren’t experiencing this love, then ask Him to tear down every barrier in your mind that keeps you from believing this glorious truth.   

The LORD your God in your midst, The Mighty One, will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.” Zephaniah 3:17

Let the God who rejoices in you teach you to rejoice in His love.  And then, hear the song that He sings over you:

You are all fair, my love, and there is no spot in you. Song of Solomon 4:7