Praise party

Psalms 65:1 …..Praise is awaiting You, O God, in Zion…..

As I meditated on this verse an image formed in my mind. I saw a group of people gathered together. They were excitedly making preparations as they waited in anticipation for the guest of honor to arrive. They were about to burst with their desire to exclaim “SURPRISE!!” at that moment when the one that this whole gathering was centered around entered the room . There would be laughing and joy and celebration. It all awaited the appearance of the one that the whole celebration was focused on.

Not only should our church gatherings be like this, but every day of our individual lives as we walk with Jesus. Filled with joyous anticipation, let us be found waiting, and our hearts ready to praise and rejoice in God. Whether I’m in my church, at my job, or in my kitchen, may the testimony of my life be “praise is awaiting You, oh God”!