Fill ‘er up

A few days ago I stopped at a gas station to fill up my gas tank. As I was standing there I realized that underneath the ground that I was standing on were underground storage tanks filled with a highly flammable and explosive substance. There may have been tens of thousands of gallons of gasoline right underneath my feet. I can honestly say that in all the years I have been putting gas in my car I’ve never really thought about that.

The gasoline is there but unseen; underneath the surface and only accessible by means of a delivery system – the gas pump. The benefits of the gasoline are merely potential until I pull it up into my car by means of the pump.

Faith is the delivery system of God. All His promises, His provision, His Presence are accessed by faith. All these things (and more) are right at our fingertips in the unseen world, but if we do not access them by mean of the delivery system of faith, we will sputter through life on fumes.

Don’t live on empty for another moment. Take hold of what God has provided and by faith let it become your reality.