Ezekiel, the temple and …. Christmas??

I know there might not seem to be much of a connection between Ezekiel’s temple and Christmas, but as I sat here on Christmas Eve laboring through several chapters of tedious descriptions of temple dimensions, I stopped to think about what the significance of this would have been to Israel. At this time they were captive in Babylon and Solomon’s temple had very likely already been destroyed. The temple was so connected to God‘s presence that its destruction would have seemed like the removal of God from the life of the nation. Captive in a foreign land with nothing left of the life they used to know, it must have seemed hopeless. But into this darkness God spoke – I will again be in your midst.

Oh, how the Christmas bells began ringing in my heart!! 🔔

Into a dark and captive world, bound by sin and with no hope —- He has come! Emmanuel, God with us.

Oh rejoice today in what God has done! Peace on earth, goodwill to men.

Merry Christmas!