I was made for this

I recently took some time off from work to be alone with God.  I went away to a place near the water and spent a lot of time outside, reading my Bible, praying, loving Jesus.

In the evenings I would eat supper outside, watching the beautiful colors of the sunset.  Each evening a group of about five birds would appear and they would fly above the tree tops.  They would flap their wings a few times and then catch a current of air and be lifted and soar.  There didn’t seem to be any purpose to their flight.  They weren’t going anywhere, but seemed to just circle around and around, as though they were enjoying the ride.

And as I watched them I thought “They were made for this and look how great a delight they take in it.”  And I imagined that this brought God much pleasure.

There are things that God gives me opportunity to do, and in the doing I realize “I was made for this.”  In these things my heart is lifted and I feel as though I could soar there forever.  And my delight in God nearly explodes in my soul and I sense His pleasure in it.

Delighting in Him today…….

Destiny Shaping Question #1 – Do I believe that God is wasting my time?

I am a busy woman. I have many responsibilities. All day long at work I am dashing from one task to the next, desperately trying to complete all my tasks in what seems to be an unreasonably short amount of time. I finish one thing to move on to the next. Checking off to do list items, meeting deadlines, accomplishing goals. Everyday, all day long. There are always many things to do and no time to waste.

All too often this mentality spills over into my spiritual life as well. I read the Bible as though I am racing some unknown opponent. And should I happen to slow down long enough for God to speak to me through a portion of Scripture, rather than waiting and pondering on the verses until I have extracted every bit of meaning the Spirit of God is giving, I feel the pressure to get more reading done and hurry forward, leaving precious truths unrevealed. There is some little nagging thought that it is a waste of time to wait. God can tell me what He needs to tell me quickly, right? What if I stop and camp on this verse, when there’s some new discovery waiting in the next chapter?

Always hurrying from one thing to the next, I enjoy little. Thinking that I am being a good steward of my time by accomplishing great quantities of things, the frenzy of my soul shuts out the voice of God.

And the honest answer to my question is that although I would never say it, if I stopped to get quiet and wait on God every time I felt that He was trying to teach me something, I would feel as though I was wasting time that could be spent in “more productive” endeavors.

Always anxious for the next thing, I am missing out on the now thing.

CONCLUSION: God is not wasting my time. I am wasting my time.