His kisses

Song of Songs 1:2 [The Shulamite] Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth–For your love is better than wine.

The root of the word “kiss” has this meaning: to kindle a fire, to burn

This is not just a peck on the cheek or the kind of kiss you give your grandmother. This is a kiss of passionate desire….the kind of kiss you feel all over your body…that awakes you to love

The kisses of the mouth of Christ are His words and they are spoken to us by His Spirit. Not just the reading of a book, but the work of the Holy Spirit whereby He makes those words live in us. What fires are kindled by such kisses! What desires are stirred for intimacy! Better than wine that makes the heart glad are the kisses of Christ that make the soul glad.

Kiss me with the kisses of Your mouth that I might burn for You! Kindle a fire in this soul that can only be satisfied in Your presence. Draw me nearer with great anticipation of what it means to really know You….


Tell me the story again

Today I spent some time with a client that I see several times a year.  Each time I meet with her we catch up on what’s been going on in life.  She told me a story today of something that happened in her family a few weeks ago:

Her daughter, son-in-law and their 2 year old son were at a barbeque on Memorial day weekend.  One of the guests at the barbeque brought her 90 pound Doberman with her.  The man and his son had just gotten out of the pool and the little boy was eating a piece of candy, when the dog spotted him.  The dog bared his teeth and growled as he charged towards the helpless child.  The daddy, seeing the impending danger, called out to his wife and pushed the boy towards her and then stood between his family and the approaching dog.  It took several men to pull the dog off of him, but not before it had severely mauled his face and head.  By the time the ambulance got him to the hospital he had almost bled to death.

He will require multiple surgeries over the next few years to repair the damage that was done that day.  The doctors expect that they will be able to correct the damage so completely that eventually there won’t be any visible scars.  But for several more years his face will bear the marks of love for his son.  I can almost imagine this little boy climbing up into his daddy’s lap, touching the scars on his face, and saying “Daddy, tell me again about how you saved me from the dog”.  The story will never get old to that boy…because it was his rescue from death.

I can’t stop thinking about this…..it so reminds me of the gospel.   When death and hell were running towards me and I was powerless to escape, Jesus stood between me and death.  He took the full force of it for me and rescued me.  I could not have overcome it, but He could not be overcome by it.  Now He bears the scars of His love for me.  I want to remember this over and over. ….coming to the secret place of prayer with this request…….“Tell me again Jesus, about how you rescued me from death”.