Our Great Reward

Oh diligent seeker
Do not grow weary
Perseverance is needed
In this pursuit
Has He not promised
Great reward
To those who seek with all their heart?
It is Him
He is the prize
Our great reward

Daily seek Him
And be watchful
For oftentimes
You will find
He reveals Himself in unexpected ways

Ignore distraction
Flee temptation
That threatens to slow you in the chase
And run after Him
With all your heart
Shedding every weight that hinders along the way

It is no carrot dangling from a stick
An unobtainable enticement
That we run after
But His sure promise
Of knowing Him
That fuels this pursuit

When I Run

When I run Lord let it be
Into the arms that uphold me

For when I hurt, I isolate
And hide away
And nurse my pain

I run from God
Thus from peace
And from life
And from strength

Drowning in a sea of doubt
No way, it seems, of coming out

And yet my faintest cry You hear
Oh my God of the open ear

How did I not know You were so near?

Mercy once again extended
Wounds are healed, heart is mended
Days of wandering are then ended

When I run to You

Playing church

Get dressed up
Drive a ways
After all
It is Sunday

It’s only right
I feel I should
Be at church
Makes me feel good

Duty done now
Conscience soothed
Soul untouched
Heart unmoved

Wait a week
Repeat the scene
Of lifeless, dull
Sunday routine

If thus we live
And thus we die
And on these works
We do rely

As meriting
Eternal bliss
Alas, your soul
Has been remiss

You never knew
The Crucified
Or forsook the sin
For which He died

You did not trust
His cleansing blood
But were content
To just be good

And now, too late
You understand
Salvation is not
Found in man

Wake up, religious
Know this well
Trust in yourself
Will merit hell

While there is time
Look on this Christ
Who bore your sin
And paid the price

Be ye saved
And cleansed within
Confess, repent
And turn from sin

Repentant hearts
Are not refused
But with His life
They are infused

Abundant grace
And pardon now
For all who to this Christ
Will bow

Playing church –
A deadly game
Oh, religious
Call on His name

Entirely His

My heart’s cry

To really know

That I am

Entirely His


That each day

My life

My all

Belongs to Him


Acknowledging this

That I possess


Save Christ


Letting go

Of worldly things

To cling to Him



These words express

My heart’s desire

But is this my



Have I given

All of me

To Him



What do I hold back


To lay it down

At His feet


The heart can be


Telling lies

To soothe my conscience


But there is yet

A voice that speaks

Into the deepest

Part of me


It bids me come

Closer still

To pursue with

Reckless abandon


Reaching, longing

Gasping for Him

All else fades

Into irrelevance


Christ alone

My one desire

That I would be

Entirely His

Oil poured forth

Cautiously she ventured in
Although an uninvited guest
But there is one that she must see
And a task she must complete
She has brought to Him her best

She approached and unashamed
Poured out her precious, fragrant oil
Disparaged and misunderstood
By those that she thought surely would
Know that He deserved it all

The smell of worship filled the room
As her perfume ran down His head
And with a heart set free from sin
She lavishes her praise on Him
Thanksgiving in each tear she shed

Betrayers and the Pharisees
Look on in scorn and with disdain
For darkened hearts can never see
The glory of a soul set free
And view such lavishness as vain

As Mary, so it is for me
Though once lost, I have tasted grace
And seeing clearly Jesus’ worth
Let my own oil be poured forth
Until that day I see His face

Make me Thy fuel

(by Amy Carmichael)

From prayer that asks that I may be
Sheltered from winds that beat on Thee
From fearing when I should aspire
From faltering when I should climb higher
From silken self, O Captain, free
Thy soldier who would follow Thee

From subtle love of softening things
From easy choices, weakenings
Not thus are spirits fortified
Not this way went the Crucified
From all that dims Thy Calvary
O Lamb of God, deliver me

Give me the love that leads the way
The faith that nothing can dismay
The hope no disappointments tire
The passion that will burn like fire
Let me not sink to be a clod
Make me Thy fuel, Flame of God

Greater Things

Lord I long for greater things
Than the passing pleasures this life brings

Wealth and fame hold no attraction
The world’s charms do not stir my passion

All that it presents to me
Does naught but draw me far from thee

But there is One my heart desires
Whose Presence sets my soul afire

As quietly I sit and gaze
Upon the glory of His face

In the secret place of prayer
(For He has pledged to meet me there)

I come and wait expectantly
For just one word is life and peace

Strength and comfort to my soul
A healing balm that makes me whole

All else becomes irrelevant
And knowing Him my one intent

Jesus is the greater One
The risen King, the glorious Son

And though it cost me everything
I will seek to know my King


Consider Him

Oh soul, be hushed before the Lord
Though tempests rage and winds assail
Is your hope in Him alone?
Then rest and know that all is well

Though howling winds blow unabated
Yet even now hope is not lost
Only rest in His vast peace
A haven for the tempest tossed

Look up, my soul, and find your strength
Though tears flow freely, be assured
There is One who watches You
Cling tightly, thus you shall endure

No storm too great, no trial too strong
To snatch you from His mighty hand
He Who once did save your soul
Will keep you safe, will make you stand

And stand you shall, in His great strength
Approach the throne, receive His grace
Look unto Him as all sufficient
Consider Him and run this race

With all your heart, soul, mind and strength
Take courage now and swiftly run
Run until you reach the end
Then find your rest with God’s own Son

Oh altar

Oh altar, tell me of the day
When saints would tarry, weep and pray
When you were drenched with holy tears
As all the saints of God drew near

With trembling voice and longing heart
To seek their God, they drew apart
Laid down the trinkets and the toys
And rent their hearts to find His joy

Humbly and with brokenness
United hearts become a chorus
And having made a sweet confession
God, You see and send the blessing

But that was in another day
When saints would tarry, weep and pray
Oh altar, you have long been dry
Have we now no tears to cry?

Did we forget His saving grace?
No longer long to see His face?
Is there none in need of mercy
Or for His presence in this journey?

Oh God, have mercy in this day
Teach us to tarry, weep and pray


His beauty draws us

“What has stripped the seeming beauty from these idols of the earth? Not the sense of right or duty, but the sight of Nobler Birth.
Not the crushing of those idols, with its bitter pain and smart,
but the beaming of His Beauty, the unveiling of His Heart.
‘Tis the look that melted Peter, ‘tis the face that Stephen saw,
‘tis the heart that wept with Mary, can alone from idols draw.
Draw, and win, and fill completely till the cup o’erflow the brim;
What have we to do with idols, who have companied with Him?”

(author unknown)