Greater Things

Lord I long for greater things
Than the passing pleasures this life brings

Wealth and fame hold no attraction
The world’s charms do not stir my passion

All that it presents to me
Does naught but draw me far from thee

But there is One my heart desires
Whose Presence sets my soul afire

As quietly I sit and gaze
Upon the glory of His face

In the secret place of prayer
(For He has pledged to meet me there)

I come and wait expectantly
For just one word is life and peace

Strength and comfort to my soul
A healing balm that makes me whole

All else becomes irrelevant
And knowing Him my one intent

Jesus is the greater One
The risen King, the glorious Son

And though it cost me everything
I will seek to know my King


One thought on “Greater Things

  1. melodymilbrandt June 22, 2009 / 8:39 am

    Eirene, you have somehow crept into my heart and written down my deepest longing, my greatest desire.
    So beautiful!

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