Leaving everything for a king

I have always loved the story of Abigail in 1 Samuel 25. She was obviously an amazing woman having suffered through marriage to a man like Nabal…. a wise woman, able to disarm the anger of an offended David….. and a humble woman willing to take the blame for the act of a foolish husband for the sake of her household.

1 Samuel 25:2 Now there was a man in Maon whose business was in Carmel, and the man was very rich. He had three thousand sheep and a thousand goats. And he was shearing his sheep in Carmel.

Nabal wasn’t just rich. He was very rich. Abigail enjoyed a comfortable life with all the luxuries that wealth could afford someone in those days. She lived in prosperity (25:6) The day that David’s servants came to Nabal, he was holding a feast and was very drunk so Abigail told him the next day everything that had happened and how shamefully he had treated the servants of David. Apparently Nabal immediately had a heart attack and died ten days later.

While Jewish inheritance laws may not have given Abigail complete possession of Nabal’s wealth (and we do not know whether there were sons), she would have been well provided for by the estate. She would have continued to have a comfortable life. But when David sent an offer of marriage to her she didn’t hesitate or reason whether she wanted to leave the comforts she enjoyed for a life that would involve wandering the wilderness of Israel with David and his army. She simply walked away from everything.

1 Samuel 25:40-42 When the servants of David had come to Abigail at Carmel, they spoke to her saying, “David sent us to you, to ask you to become his wife.” Then she arose, bowed her face to the earth, and said, “Here is your maidservant, a servant to wash the feet of the servants of my lord.” So Abigail rose in haste and rode on a donkey, attended by five of her maidens; and she followed the messengers of David, and became his wife.

Even though David was a fugitive at this time, she knew that he was destined for more (25:30). So she left everything for the promise of a kingdom that was to come and a relationship of intimacy with the king. Life would have become more difficult for her, less comfortable. Those who knew her may have through she was crazy. He didn’t seem to be much right now except a fugitive. But she saw the reality that was to come and who this man was to be and she was willing to give up everything to be with him and to be part of his future.

Let’s learn from Abigail. Can we not respond with the same level of abandon to a much greater King? Walking with Him may not always be the most comfortable life….but THE KING! We get to be with THE KING! Wealth, prestige, power and everything the world has to offer will all fade away. But the kingdom of Jesus Christ will endure forever. He picked up His cross and came for you….now pick up your cross and follow Him. You may not see the glory of His kingdom now, but one day…soon…that glory will fill the whole earth.

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