Moving Forward

I was driving home from work today. It was wet and rainy and there was water standing on the side of the road everywhere. A couple of cars in front of me was an 18 wheeler who was trying to make a right turn and he made it too tight and ended up going off the road a little bit with his back tire. From my vantage point I could tell that he could’ve made it if he had just kept going. But I guess he could sense that something wasn’t quite right so he stopped and got out to look and see what was going on. And because he did that, he lost all his forward momentum. The only option now was to call a tow truck to help. Valuable time would now be lost and whatever he was delivering would be late.

He could’ve made it if he had just kept going. I actually said that out loud as I passed him on my way home.

Believers, we are on a narrow path. Sometimes life takes a turn that we didn’t quite expect. We lose our balance…we feel stuck. Something just doesn’t seem right. So we stop everything to get out and look. All our forward momentum in the Lord comes to a halt as we keep walking around the trouble, the trial, the pain, trying to figure out how we’re gonna get back on the path. Some of us even stop to build a monument to the derailing event, visiting it so often that we never can quite get back on the path. Meanwhile, valuable time is being lost.

No doubt life can be very hard at times. We get blind sided by pain and trouble. But we don’t have to get derailed. If we will just keep moving forward we are going to make it.

Let’s pray for one another and help one another to continue moving forward in the Lord.


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