But it didn’t hide the tears


Last Saturday I was with the ministry team on Bourbon Street during the VooDoo Fest weekend.  The street was crowded and filled with people in all kinds of outlandish costumes.  We had many people who stopped to talk and we were able to share the gospel with them and pray for them.  Sometimes there are people that stand out in your memory.  Kelsy is one of those people.  She had been standing by the cross for several minutes listening to the preaching.  As I made my way over to her she made eye contact with me and I began to talk to her about the content of the message being preached.  She didn’t say much, but listened intently as I shared the gospel message with her.  She had a mask over her eyes, but it couldn’t hide the tears that were rolling down her face.   She let me pray with her and she gave me her phone number.   Please pray that the Lord would open her heart to the message of His grace and that I would be able to maintain contact with her.

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