And after the outreach was over………

Sunday afternoon was my city’s annual Earth Day celebration.  Mostly it’s just another excuse for a festival with live music, beer and carnival food.  After church I went with a small group of people to share the gospel of Jesus.  There were some memorable moments during the day when I felt like it was a God ordained moment for me to speak to certain people…..a man who was weighed down by the guilt of his alcohol addiction…..the 20-something pastor’s son who was dabbling in the world and trying unsuccessfully to justify it to himself….so many stories.   So many people in need of the freedom that only Jesus can bring.   After several hours, the outreach was over and it was time to make my way back to church for prayer meeting.   Arriving at my car, I began to unload my backpack into the trunk when I noticed that a lady was opening the trunk of the car next to me.  Just being polite, I turned towards her with a very generic, “How are you today?”    When she turned towards me I could see the pain on her face as she answered, “I”m having a really bad day.”  I offered to pray for her but she seemed hesitant to reveal any details of her trouble, yet my heart was moved with compassion for her and I knew I couldn’t just leave.   I began to tell her of the One who loves with a faithful love, watching as her face softened.  There were only a few moments that I had to speak to her before her companion joined her at the car, so I spoke all that was on my heart, threw my arms around her and prayed a brief prayer in her ear.  Her name is Keisha.  And as I drove away, I told her once again, “I will pray for you Keisha.”

I had thought the outreach was over.  In reality, it never is.

One thought on “And after the outreach was over………

  1. Scott Sholar April 22, 2013 / 6:55 pm

    The Lord always opens up ways that we can be a blessing if we will just look for them. This was a great story, Eirene.

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