A New Year’s Eve like no other – Part 2

(Continued from previous post)

The team of about 16 people arrived on Bourbon Street at 11:00. After we prayed together, I found a spot to stand in the street and lifted up a prayer to the Lord that I might be useful to Him that night.

It was much more crowded than it had been the first time I went. The noise of music was louder and the smells were much stronger. Once again there were many mockers angrily cursing Jesus as they walked by us. But in the midst of it all, person after person stopped to talk to us. Some were angry and unbelieving and wanted to tell me. Some were backsliders who were convicted of their sin and angry. One such lady stood nose to nose with me, screaming at me with obscenities at the top of her voice. At one point she grabbed the back of my neck and I braced myself for what might be about to follow. I continued to respond to her with the Word of God and watched as right before my eyes she began to break and weep. She removed her hand from my neck and her friends pulled her away back into the crowd. I talked to many people that night who professed to be Christians and yet were partying it up on Bourbon Street. I encouraged them to forsake their friendship with the world and to walk in holiness for the glory of Jesus. Once again this week I saw people fall under conviction as they walked by the cross.

I have had people ask me (and I have asked myself) if this type of ministry is effective and profitable. I didn’t have an answer for that question until December, 2011. And now I can answer yes. I have seen God at work on Bourbon Street through the preaching of the gospel. I never would have thought I would be doing something like this. But over the last year the Lord has renewed my passion for the proclamation of the gospel and how I thank Him for the joy of being part of what He’s doing.

May we all, in whatever way the Lord provides, be faithful ambassadors of our Lord Jesus Christ, unashamedly making Him known in the earth.

One thought on “A New Year’s Eve like no other – Part 2

  1. Mike January 3, 2012 / 4:58 am

    I guess if we are just willing to go, He will use us/we will figure out how to be used.

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