Taking it to the streets – Part 2

The 4th of July weekend is usually a busy time in downtown Baton Rouge. It seemed a very good time to go share with people about the freedom available in Jesus Christ. This time we had a larger group of people from the church that went with us. (See Part 1 here) We were nervous, we were excited, but most of all we were desiring to see people’s lives impacted by the gospel.

This time I was paired up with a young man named Michael. He’s been saved about 3 years and is very passionate about Jesus. When he prays, the words practically explode from his heart. We worked very well together as a team and were able to share the gospel effectively with many people. There were some people who were not interested in what we had to say, but there were more who were interested and heard the gospel.

I know that there are people who feel like this type of thing is not successful if you haven’t “closed the deal” by leading someone in the sinner’s prayer, but I believe that every time the gospel is presented to a person it works in their heart. The gospel is the power of God unto salvation. Nobody can come into contact with that kind of power and walk away unchanged. I know that I never walk away unchanged.

My own heart is encouraged today as my sharing with others reminded me of the wonder of the gospel, the love of God, and the riches of His mercy in Jesus Christ.

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