The Pale Blue Dot

Last Sunday in Sunday School we watched a video.  The purpose of the video was to help us understand God’s bigness and our smallness.  The man who was speaking gave fact after fact about the size of our universe, the complexity of it all and quite frankly, most of it went way over my head.  When you tell me that something is 5.8 million light years away, I really have no concept of that number.

But then at the end of the video he showed a picture taken from the space shuttle Voyager I as it neared the edge of our solar system.  NASA sent instructions for the shuttle to turn back towards the earth and take pictures, which it did.  It took months for the images to make their way back to earth, but when they did, what they revealed was breathtaking.

I sat in stunned silence as I realized that we were not, in fact, the center of all importance.  This world that had seemed so large only moments earlier was suddenly reduced to the size of an insignificant speck – a pale blue dot.

Yet it was to this pale blue dot that the Lord of creation came.  For the insignificant inhabitants of this speck, He did the unthinkable – He joined us in our speckness.  The meaning of Philippians 2:8 “He humbled Himself” now explodes in my mind.

I feel that there are multitudes of words that want to come tumbling onto the page – yet somehow only silence seems appropriate.

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