Giving up my rights, it seems
Denying my desires and dreams
Is what the Lord requires of me

Dying to all hidden pride
And self-delight that seeks to hide
In secret places deep inside

Holding nothing as my own
Empty, I approach His throne
All confidence in self is gone

See the white flag lifted high
My surrender signified
Let all of self be crucified
Until it is not I, but Christ.

One thought on “Surrender

  1. Mike December 2, 2009 / 8:51 pm

    “All confidence in self is gone”

    Due to repeated unsuccessful efforts to lift myself, I am forced once again to humble myself under God’s mighty hand in order that He might lift me in due time. I cast all associated anxiety on Him and am content to leave it there because I know He cares for me and has a plan that is tailor made for me. It will surely not consist of any ‘self’ confidence.

    I have recently been thinking a lot on the subject of humility. As believers, we can all agree how necessary this virtue is, yet we so often run from the very things that would produce it in us.

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