Rambling on

O generation, see the word of the Lord!  Have I been a wilderness to Israel, or a land of darkness?  Why do My people say, ‘We are lords; we will come no more to You’?  Jeremiah 2:31

The JFB commentary says that it is better to translate the phrase “we are lords” as “we ramble at large.”  Behind most castings off of the Lord is this desire to be unrestrained and unhindered in the pursuit of our desires.  They didn’t see the Lord as One who loved them or protected them or provided for them, but One who thwarted them in their quest for pleasure.

“We are lords.  We are in control.  We don’t need You anymore, for we are quite capable of taking care of ourselves, thank You very much.”  This is what their actions said to God.

And many times, so do ours today.

I pray that daily the Holy Spirit would enable me to submit more completely to the lordship of Jesus Christ in my life.

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