Heavenly Reality

To walk with Him, to hear his voice
To rest contented in His love
To cease this striving in the flesh
And learn to seek those things above

Christ dwells within! A blessed thought
One woefully too oft neglected
But nonetheless it still remains
A living truth to be protected.

Let no man say “Christ is not here
He dwells above the starry host”
I doubt not my sweet Saviour’s nearness
His Presence is my only hope

If my eyes should be enlightened
To see divine realities
What glorious wonder to behold
Jesus my Christ abides in me

3 thoughts on “Heavenly Reality

  1. melodymilbrandt October 2, 2009 / 1:03 am

    “a living truth to be protected…” yes Lord.
    Anointed Eirene – your poetry is swimming in His Spirit and oh how it does refresh my soul. I thank you for sharing it faithfully with us. Praying “Him” for you today.God bless

  2. Rachel October 5, 2009 / 12:50 pm

    How incredibly put. What a treasure it is that we often don’t protect, nourish or cultivate within us.


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