A deeper yes

“Count the cost
Of being Mine”
Jesus says
“Deny yourself
Take up your cross
Lose your life for My sake
And for My gospel
Be hated of the world
And esteemed a fool
This is the lot of my disciples”

“Will you lay down your will
Your desires
Your plans?
And will you embrace Mine?”

“Yes, Lord”
Is my reply
“I will follow”

Because my heart
Has thus agreed
My mind believes
It has obeyed
Yet hear this heart
When denied
It’s desires or comfort
Hear it protest
Against the unfairness
Hear it cry
How miserable it is
As it languishes in self-pity

Where now is your “Yes”?

Merciful Lord, please give me a “Yes” that penetrates to the very depths of my soul.


One thought on “A deeper yes

  1. hollydye August 3, 2009 / 5:26 pm

    Simply beautiful. 🙂

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