Let me no longer waste my time

Almighty God, I adore Your infinite patience, which has not cut me off in the midst of my follies; I magnify Your wonderful goodness, which has spared me thus long. Let me no longer abuse that precious treasure–time, which you have allotted me as a proper season to work out my own salvation, and secure that happiness which is great in itself, and infinite in its duration.

Let me bid adieu to all those vain amusements, those trifling entertainments and sinful diversions, which have robbed me of many valuable hours, and endangered the loss of my immortal soul. Let me no longer waste my time in ease and pleasure, in unprofitable studies, and more unprofitable conversation; but grant, that, by diligence and honesty in my calling, by constancy and fervor in my devotions, by moderation and temperance in my enjoyments, by justice and charity in all my words and actions, and by keeping a conscience void of offence to God and man–I may be able to give a good account in the day of judgment, and be accepted in and through the merits of Jesus Christ, my only mediator and advocate.

 (Hannah More, “The Book of Private Devotion”)

One thought on “Let me no longer waste my time

  1. Mike May 16, 2009 / 6:41 am

    My first thought as I read this is, where has this level of focus gone? It has been missing for far too long. Then I thought that that is what the Lord seems to be stirring. We have lost it and must get it back.

    I believe the only thing that will enable that type of focus is a drawing by God to Himself. And as you have stated recently, sometimes God uses gut wrenching hardship to accomplish that. Yet when it is accomplished, it surpasses and overshadows the hardship we endured.

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