Slippers, blankets and kittens —- but not Jesus

About a week before Easter, while making the short trip to visit my parents, I passed by a small church.  The signs outside churches always catch my attention.  I guess because sometimes you run across one that has a thought provoking message.  The sign outside this particular church read as follows:

“For a warm fuzzy feeling, try us.”

No – I’m not joking.

It made me angry.

Is this why we are to look to Jesus?  For a warm fuzzy feeling?  Is that what church is about?  Sometimes I wonder if we just really don’t understand that it’s not all about us and our satisfaction and comfort.  Sometimes God makes me very uncomfortable.  Having our sinful hearts exposed in the presence of a holy God shouldn’t evoke anything remotely resembling warm or fuzzy.

To give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe they were referring to the feeling of knowing that you are reconciled to God.  But to call that a warm fuzzy feeling is a gross understatement.  It is the deepest source of abiding joy and peace that is available to man.

Maybe I am being fault-finding.  I guess the predominance of so much fluff in our churches has made me extra sensitive to this sort of thing.  I cannot get away from the feeling that things are not as they should be in our churches.

Oh God, please restore the fear of the Lord to Your church in America and a deep reverence for Your holiness.

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