Oh God, give us preachers!

Give us men who will speak Your truth no matter the consequences.

Give us men who prefer to speak the truth of Your word to a few rather than to speak the fluff of this world to a multitude.  Men who have no agenda other than Christ and no need for celebrity status.

Lord give us men who cry out to You in prayer before they ever step into the pulpit. 

Lord give us men whose voices thunder with a word from heaven; whose souls are aflame with a heavenly vision of a glorious Saviour.

Oh give us men who will not water down Your truth because it seems too hard, too difficult for us to accept and obey, but who will tell us with all the unction that Your spirit presses upon them what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

Give us men who will fly in the face of societal norms without fear when the faithful preaching of the gospel requires it.

Lord, we do not need 10 steps to improve ourselves. We need to know how to die that Christ might be formed in us.  Give us preachers who not only teach this truth, but live it before us.

Teach us, O man of God, the whole counsel of God.  The things that bring us comfort and those things that wring our souls with conviction and require something of us.

Oh God, give us preachers!

One thought on “Oh God, give us preachers!

  1. wellwateredgarden April 11, 2009 / 3:52 pm

    Actually, we don’t need more preachers, that is, no more trained and educated ones who make their living ‘pastoring’ the congregations.

    What we need is more Holy Spirit filled Christ followers like Stepen (Acts 7) and Philip (Acts 8) who will answer God’s call to be true to Jesus’ message.

    Let’s release the Holy Spirit to come away from the four walls of the Sunday ‘church’ and let’s be willing to be ‘called-out’ ones to bring the gospel of God, not to the four corners of the earth, but to the centre of our own communities, seven days a week!

    Why have we allowed ourselves to become so dependent on professional preachers when we have the written Word of God and the Holy Spirit’s influence in and on our lives at our beck and call?

    Let’s wake up and start living the two commandments Jesus gave us … to love God and love our neighbor … and I believe we’ll see a great awakening among our brothers and sisters who do not yet know Him!

    The way I see it, anyway …

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