Now I lay me down to die
At Your altar, here I cry
As Your holy word is spoken
All undone, my heart is broken

Sensing now Your holy gaze
Searching all my thoughts and ways
Unable to give my defense
As You expose each vile offense

Painfully, now it is clear
The sins that I once held so dear
Each one a thorn that pierced Your brow
How hideous they appear now

And crushed beneath the guilt, I hear
A sound so sweetly in my ear
“There is One who yet abides
Christ, Who for your sins has died”

Looking up, through tears I see
The Saviour, on the cross for me
Bowing then with all contrition
Bringing to Him my petition

“Though my heart is black with sin
I hear I may be born again
If I repent and then confess
I may receive Your righteousness
With all my heart I long for this
I pray I might receive this gift.”

Heaven hears, new life begins
Completely new and clean within
Another heart now set ablaze
Another voice to sing His praise

Hearts transformed and lives made new
A work that only Christ can do
And so the kingdom does advance
One by one, with repentance

One thought on “Repentance

  1. Melody Milbrandt December 5, 2008 / 6:19 pm

    Eirene – This is pure Holy Spirit reflection. I have read it over and over. Praise God for you and your blessed sharing. I can’t tell you how wonderful this was for me, sinking into my very soul, as I poured over every word. Thank you. I am praying for you and your family throughout this busy holiday season.

    Blessings – Melody

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