Giving all to Jesus

What exactly would it look like to give all to Jesus? To totally devote the entirety of your life to Him? It would probably look different for each one of us. I’m sure not everyone would be called to preach or be a missionary. Almost certainly there would be some changes though.

But what would it look like for me? I have been wondering this lately. I have a nice life. Nothing fancy. Simple, but nice. I love Jesus with all my heart and spend almost all of my free time in some type of spiritual activity. But is this giving all my life to Jesus?

I am asking Him this type of question these days. Life has been, for the most part, safe and predictable. Not much risk. Not much danger.

Not much accomplished to glorify God in the furtherance of His kingdom.

That’s how it seems to me right now, anyway. And I am seriously wondering what it would look like for me to give it all to Jesus.

What about you?

One thought on “Giving all to Jesus

  1. melodymilbrandt October 25, 2008 / 10:34 am

    “Not much accomplished to glorify God in the furtherance of His kingdom.” Oh Eirene, my heart does so much understand what you mean. And yet, I have to say, in this very blog of yours… He is at work. Accomplishing, glorifying, furthering. I am so blessed in it. As I know are others. And all of that trickles down through me, through every read, and into my very spirit, my life. And consequently, into the lives of those around me. They in turn pass it on in the living out of their days. Like ripple after ripple, after “the rock” first penetrates the smooth water’s surface, those rings of glory widen and spread further and further and further… It is a majestic thing to behold! He is at work in you. He glories in your pursuit – the pursuit of “giving it all to Jesus.”

    In Jesus’ love – Melody

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