It is no sacrifice

This is the path – I lay it all down
This is the way – I take up my cross
Following You Jesus
Leaving all else
It is no sacrifice

Greater love has no one than this
Laying his life down for a Friend
Receive from me
This greater love
It is no sacrifice

All worldly possessions I have gained
Few though they may be
Valueless now
I leave them behind
It is no sacrifice

Turning away from worldly pleasures
The amusements I once pursued
Vain and worthless
I forsake them all
It is no sacrifice

The life of absolute surrender
It is my chosen pathway now
Yearning to remain
Yielded and broken
It is no sacrifice

Are you ready to give up self to death
I hear the Savior say to me
I lay my life down
Upon the altar
This is my offering

It is no sacrifice

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