Leaving Jesus Alone

“For His disciples had gone away into the city to buy food.”   John 4:8

Certainly Jesus had no need of continual companionship for He dwelt in communion with the Father.  But I have wondered after reading this verse, of the twelve disciples, was there not even one of them who thought his time better spent sitting with Jesus on the well in Samaria than running off with the other 11 to search for lunch?  Could none of them see an opportunity for precious, private fellowship with Jesus?  What questions might that one have gotten answered, what insights received, what mysteries revealed?  What of the heart of Jesus might have been imparted in those moments?

It would seem that spending time with Christ would be the most naturally desirable thing for a believer.  But alas, we are still firmly attached to this world and the distractions and amusements it offers.  We can find 1,000 things to do rather than pray and seek the Lord, and in the process we deprive ourselves of our greatest delight – fellowship with the Savior.  Though the 11 go seeking after the bread that perishes, I want to be the one who stays behind to feast on the Bread of Life.

My God, help me to push past the chaotic noise and frenzied busyness of this world.   I have been guilty of buying in to the world’s ideas of pleasure and have at times entertained myself into spiritual apathy.  Remind me again of the fullness of joy that is found in Your Presence. 

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