Unforeseen Dangers in the Restricted Areas

Last week I read a tragic news story of a teenaged boy who trespassed into a restricted area of an amusement park to retrieve his hat and was struck by a roller coaster and died.  The story was so terribly sad to me and as I pondered it, this spiritual parallel unfolded…..

There is unforeseen danger in the restricted areas.  God has clearly – by His Word and His Spirit – marked certain things off limits.  Why?  Not to deny me any pleasure, but to protect me and preserve my life.  Although I may not see the approaching danger, or be aware of any threat to my safety, I need to understand that these areas have been restricted to me because there is indeed danger lurking there.  And when it comes, it may come so speedily that I am unable to escape.

Why do we feel the need to trespass into the restricted areas?  Isn’t it true that sometimes the very presence of a sign warning us to keep out only increases the desire to go in?  The apostle Paul said in Romans 7:7 “I would not have known covetousness unless the law had said, ‘You shall not covet”. 

Just a glance at the forbidden thing is all we want.  But Achan only took a few small items from the forbidden things of Jericho and it cost him his life and the lives of his family. (Joshua 7).

And who can forget the trespass of Adam and Eve that has affected us all?

Had this dear boy known it would cost him his life to retrieve the hat, I am convinced he would not have considered it that valuable.

And may we, as the people of God, not be guilty of disregarding the commands of God to possess trifles and worthless things.

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